Modelling 101: How to Handle Modelling in Uncomfortable Situations | Natwest Photoshoot

Modelling 101: How to Handle Modelling in Uncomfortable Situations | Natwest Photoshoot

I bet you can’t tell from this warm thumbnail that it was filmed in what felt like the middle of winter. I could remember one of my good friends dropping me off to set and thinking its FREEZING mehn iissshh.


Obviously I couldn’t let it rattle me, I had to put on my VM gameface and get shooting! Luckily we had an amazing and efficient stylist, make-up artist and photographer. We managed to wrap up quickly with some dope content and nice warm coffee which was so needed!


The main point to take from this is that as a model you will be faced with some uncomfortable situations on set that you have to push through. This was just one small example of many but here are some tips to get through whatever you are facing on set.


1) Prepare mentally and physically


It's all in the preparation. If your shoot is going to require you to do some heavy lifting, practice with weights at home if it's an underwater shoot, practice at your local leisure centre. Get as close to the situation as you can so that you're ready for the real thing.


For situations that we can't control like uncomfortable clothing or nervousness, try simple breathing exercises to help you to refocus on something that is not bothering you. Show up early to set get used to the environment and the clothes maybe listen to some calming music before shooting.


And finally shake things off, literally. Research shows shaking the body relieves stress and allows the body to relax, so literally shake off those nerves.


2) Always expect the worst and hope for the best

We've all been face with situations that don't turn out the way we wanted, its raining on set when it was supposed to be 30 ° or you're pressured for time and you haven't got the shot yet. It is so important to put all our efforts into controlling what we can and letting go of what we can't. Yet we waste so much of our energy focusing on what limits us rather than what we can do. We think too positively that we are thrown off by things that are unexpected.


"A positive emotional state is ideal for creative thought, but is not very well suited for getting things done. A brain in a negative emotional state provides focus: precisely what is needed to maintain attention on a task and finish it. "

- Mind your Mindset -Amar Singh


What we need to do is look at those pair of shoes that are a size too small or the bright studio lights and say "Yes this is going to make me uncomfortable, no there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm just going to get through it, one shot at a time." A balance of a positive and negative mindset is everything when it comes to modelling and can get you through the most uncomfortable situations.

3) Think of the bigger picture.


Remember this isn't just a photoshoot or a music video or just an advert. Each project presents a new opportunity to meet with people in your industry, impress the crew that hired you, expand your portfolio and open up future prospects. The feeling on set is just a drop in the ocean, and will soon pass.


Anyway, I hope that helped, these are just a few tips that I think can help you deal with any uncomfortable situation in modelling and in life. Here’s the final photo from the shoot I think they turned out great!


Until next time guys 👋


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