Modelling 101: 2 Important Points that Most Amateur Models Forget to do on Shoot!

Modelling 101: 2 Important Points that Most Amateur Models Forget to do on Shoot!


Hi guys here’s my third Modelling 101 post! I’m really enjoying making these and thinking about making it into a series, what do you think? 🤔


This one is a quick one, but so important! It’s my two golden rules on how to sell the clothes - the most important part of your job, in fact, it’s probably your only job! It’s important to make the photos look aspirational. Whether it’s wearing a sharp suit staring at the view from the Shard or it’s a cosy pair of Pajamas on the sofa. You want people to want to be where you are and wear what you’re wearing.



There’s many ways you can go about this but here are 2 quick tips on how to nail selling the clothes:


1) Get the product in the shot (Obviously):

To a certain extent, it will be the stylist’s job to make sure the accessories are visible i.e. rolling up your sleeves for a watch or leaving a jacket unzipped to show a t-shirt. However, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure the product is in shot. Check your angles. Is the logo showing? Can the viewer see the ring on your fingers? Remember what you are selling and make sure the camera can see it.

2) Interact with the environment:

Following on from the previous point, it is important to show the product, but make sure this doesn’t turn into product placement. Think about the scene, how does it relate to your product? If it’s snowing you’re not going to be holding your scarf out in front of you blatantly showing the logo. Here I modeled some clothes for a personal trainer’s fitness brand (@maxzeemize_fitness) , I made sure to appear relaxed by putting my legs against walls, hands in my pockets and of course show exercise with some running shots.





Until next time guys 👋


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