Croix Maron VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac
Croix Maron VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac

Croix Maron VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac

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Croix Maron VSOP Grand Champagne Cognac: Passion in Every Drop

The Croix Maron VSOP Grand Champagne Cognac has been crafted from Ugni Blanc grapes grown across the chalky hills of the Premier Cru. Fermented on the lees for a longer finish, this wonderfully complex Cognac has been aged at the Croix Maron estate for somewhere between five and ten years in Limousin oak, well above that which is required by law for a VSOP Cognac. The Grand Champagne growing region is famed for producing eaux-de-vie with a rich depth of flavor and complex floral aromas, qualities which are all perfectly demonstrated with this expression. 

Named after Lord Segonzac, Knight of the Croix Maron, who according to legend invented the method of double distillation, the House of Croix Maron has been passing down the knowledge of Cognac making since 1718. The Daviaud family have been tending grapevines in the Grande Champagne region for ten generations, adhering to age-old practices to this day - which is why their harvest and winemaking process are still done by hand. 

Producing a range of artisanal Cognacs, the Daviaud family work with passion from the very beginning with the development of each vine, until the corking of each bottle. Every year, they will taste each individual cask to decide if it should be left to mature, blended, or moved. From the planting of the vines to the harvest, from the long period of maturation to blending, the Cognacs here may span the course of a generation or longer. In this way, some people will never see the fruits of their labor, while their children or grandchildren reap the rewards of their ancestors. 

Presentation of the Bottle

The shape is classic, showing gently curved sides and a long slim neck. Using simple design elements, the label features the legendary Lord Segonzac on his horse, perfectly complemented by gold details. 

How to Enjoy Croix Maron VSOP Grand Champagne Cognac

This soft, complex expression is best appreciated in a tulip glass, where its aromas can fully develop. With such a rich palate, it makes a great pairing for desserts, coffee or a cigar. The producer recommends trying it neat at 20-25°C, or even mixing it in a cocktail. 

Age (minimum) 5

Age(maximum) 10

BrandCroix Maron Cognac